Conventional Loans also referred to as “conforming” mortgages, because they conform to lending guidelines established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These two government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) buy mortgages from lenders and sell them to investors. Their purpose is to make mortgages more widely available.

FNMA Home Ready is a low down payment purchase option with financing up to 97% with many borrower flexibilities. This program allows for flexible sources of funds for the down payment and closing costs with no minimum contribution required from the borrower’s own funds (1-unit properties). Buyers will be required to have a homeownership education program, this helps buyers get ready to buy a home and be prepared for the responsibilities of homeownership. The required training offers an easy-to-use, online course provided by Framework.

FreddieMac Home Possible®. This program features low down payment options, and is designed for families with limited funds for a mortgage. Homebuyer education course is required. This program is not just limited to first time homebuyers.

Conventional High-balance loans. This program is for loan amounts that are over the annual conforming limit set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). High-balance loans are available in housing markets where real estate prices are higher than the national average. Visit the FHFA online at for a current list of high-balance areas and loan limits.

FHA loans are great for first-time buyers, or applicants with lower credit scores. FHA loans offer a low down payment and often allow for a higher debt to income ratio. This feature helps first time homebuyers who might have higher debt loads with student loans.

FHA 203(k) Rehab. This program is designed for a low down payment option on a home that needs additional funding to finance repairs, renovations, home improvements, and energy efficient upgrades.

FHA HUD REO. This loan is only available for HUD REO properties (Real Estate Owned), or also referred as FHA Foreclosures. Some homes may qualify to buy a HUD REO with just $100 down. picaally these properties are sold in “as-is” condition, sometimes there is a provision to finance some small repairs, otherwise you can also purchase these homes with the FHA 203(k) program.

VA loans help members of our past and current military members – to purchase a home. Borrowers may qualify to buy a home with no down payment and no mortgage insurance.

USDA loans are for homebuyers in rural locations. This loan offers 100% financing in designated areas. Check to see if your home you are interested in is eligible for this program. USDA Property Eligibility

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages, or ARMs. These loans generally offer a lower interest rate for the first five to 10 years of your loan before adjusting to a new rate every 12 months. Any consumer interested in these loans is encourage to read the Adjustable Rate Mortgage Handbook Adjustable Rate Handbook.

Jumbo Loans. These offer loan amounts over the maximum conventional loan limit, which is currently $453,100 unless you are buying in a high-cost area. Some of these areas are in California, Colorado and Maryland. We offer Jumbo loans with fixed- and adjustable rates.

Portfolio Lending – Although we are not a portfolio lender we have access to a lot of lenders who offer niche lending programs. Some of these programs are designed for borrowers who have unique lending needs. Some examples are Foreign Nationals, Asset Depletion, Stated Income Verified Asset, Bank Statement only program, Investors who own more than 10 financed properties, and properties with unique features. Call us to discuss your unique loan needs.

HomeStyle® Renovation. This program is a conventional loan option for homes that are generally labeled as a fixer upper. The HSR mortgage program provides a convenient way for borrowers to make renovations, repairs, or improvements totaling up to 50 percent of the as-completed appraised value of the property with a first mortgage. Additional facts can be found here.